Summer Sunday Supper

While I don’t live on the east coast where humidity and high temperatures plague the air, it is still Summer in the Bay Area and when it’s Summer people tend to gather around good food with good friends.

And that is exactly what we did!

We popped the bubbly with some refreshing blueberries

and Dave made a delicious entree of Vietnamese shrimp and I made a mango and avocado salad (with some more blueberries and almond slices)

With the Summer Olympics gracing the TV, good food on the end of our forks, friends full of smiles and Prosseco bubbles popping on our tongues, there was little more we could ask for to complete the lovely Summer evening.

Another work week is starting and with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, coupled with the 10 hour work day, certain items on my to do list slip through the cracks. I have decided that I would like to set goals (outside of work) that I would like to accomplish each week.

It might be  as simple as not going back for seconds on dessert, calling that person I have meant to call for weeks or even picking up that piece of paper that has been sitting in the living room corner since last Monday.

For this week I have made the following goals:

1. Put more weight on my left leg than I have for 5 weeks (this is dependent on my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday).

2. Use my new crock pot.

3. Finish redoing the bathroom (photos to come by the end of the week).

Want to join me? What are 3 things you are determined to accomplish by the end of this week?

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