When you have a broken hip you do a lot of lying around and snuggling, like this:


And being taken out by dear friends, like her:

And going out for family dinners to eat yummy food, like this:

You also do a lot of thinking about the time before your accident, the actual traumatic event and the recovery process so far. I can’t believe that it was 5 weeks ago this weekend that I ended up in the ER and now I have a 10 inch scar and a metal plate for the rest of my life.

Lying in the hospital bed the morning after surgery I knew that from that moment on it was not going to be easy. But somehow I managed to keep a smile on my face while I fumbled with the crutches for the first time, hopped up the stairs to home and was helped into the shower to get clean.

Of course there have been painful and sad moments (sometimes even full days of frustration), but I have continually reminded myself that I will walk again shortly and soon enough this will all be a story that is shared over drinks. I am just as whole as I was before the accident and a million times stronger physically and emotionally.

If I can run half marathons, change careers, become a kitty mom and break a hip all in a matter of months, than I can do anything 🙂

What is one experience that taught you to be stronger mentally?

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