What I Didn’t Eat Wednesday

Today is supposed to be a post about what I ate yesterday (WIAW), just as I do every Wednesday. However, yesterday I was not eating particularly unique or interesting foods. In fact, they were my typical foods, cottage cheese, banana and nut butter, luna bar…because I was more focused on my follow up doctor’s appointment than anything else.

I left work early to check in on that hip of mine that decided to break almost 6 weeks ago.

Keeping weight off my left leg really did some good – everything looks great! Besides my new metallic hardware that I will be sporting for the rest of my life, my x-rays look like a normal hip!

And with my healing progressing so well I am allowed to put more weight on my left leg now! I still have to hop around with my crutches, but I am slowly starting the process of getting rid of them.

I also have the green light to start swimming! I can’t wait to get into the water!

So even though I don’t have delicious or creative or even odd food to show you, I am happy to share my good news as I begin the next phase in my recovery: preparing to enter the world of the walking.

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