Getting in Gear

Sometimes when I wake up all I want is a leftover piece of cold pizza. Well we all know that that isn’t going to happen because, 1. I can’t eat cheese and 2. I can’t remember the last time I had a real piece of pizza for dinner for their to even be leftovers. So instead I resorted to pizza eggs. 

Obviously this in no way resembled the taste of actual pizza but it was nice to have a more savory breakfast for a change. I simply mixed my eggs with garlic and oregano and then topped them with tomato sauce and cheddar almond cheese.

Not only did I take a risk with a new breakfast, but I also dove head first into a part of the store I never go in: the swimming section of the sporting goods store. Because I have the green light to swim I am getting started as soon as I can this weekend. But first I had to get some essentials and that required a trip to the changing rooms with some one piece bathing suits.

For many women out there trying on bathing suits is their worst nightmare. Let’s just say my experience was not super duper pleasant either: I had no idea what size to get so I soon found myself quickly exchanging suits for much larger sizes than I anticipated, I had to wiggle them on over my still sore hip while hopping on one foot, I realized how exposed my scar will be in the pool and then I had to look at myself all squeezed into a very unflattering garment.

So all in all not the best experience, BUT I still came away with two new suits, googles, a quick dry towel and a swim cap.

Now that I have the gear I am ready for the water…just have to remember how to swim 😉

Anyone have any pointers for a beginner?

4 thoughts on “Getting in Gear

      1. David Frank

        Actually, I found them! My second pair. Only a couple of months. I could always get around in the water but a few weeks ago I joined a class at my gym. So, I’m actually learning the strokes. It’s a lot of fun and a great workout!

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