WIAW – Busy Busy Busy

“life is happening” 

Right now my life feels like it’s happening at a million miles per hour,but at the yellow lights I manage to shovel some food into my face.

Like for breakfast, after a night cuddling with the cat, I ate some chive cottage cheese, almond cheese, avocado and pepper.(because life is so crazy I clearly don’t have time for dishes, that is why I am eating my meal out of the container the cottage cheese came in)

A few hours into work it was time for a luna bar and some candy and then lunch was left over sushi I acquired from the night before. No fish, just veggies, but still yummy.

A banana and peanut butter got me through the afternoon until I found my way home and whipped up this dinner creation.

I sautéed mushrooms and onions in a little teriyaki sauce and at the same time baked some tofu marinated in teriyaki sauce in a 400 degree oven. I put this all over some strings of raw zucchini and then inhaled dinner!

Dessert was several mini slivers of Dave’s mom’s homemade banana cake – delish!

And with that another day of meals done and life continues to happen…

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