Date Night

Who doesn’t love being picked up after a long work day with roses!!?!!

Well let’s just say this is not a usual occurrence, but last night was date night. Dave scooped me up from work and we went to one of our favorite restaurants, The House.

Where you can sit with people you love

And they bring you food like this

And you eat food like this

The food is so good that I even told the waiter when he grabbed my very empty plate from me that I was SAD the meal was over!

Date night has not been a priority since my accident. And with so many friends and family coming to visit every meal out has been with at least 2 other people.  So last night was long over due. It felt wonderful for it to just be the two of us, enjoying food we love and each other’s company.

How often to do you go out to eat with friends and family? How often do you go out to eat with just your partner?

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