A Day in the Clouds

Yesterday there was no way to tell that it was the end of summer based on the weather we experienced.

As usual in the Bay Area the day was rather cool and the fog hung around till late afternoon. Despite these clouds we headed out on an adventure and left the city. About 45 minutes later we found ourselves in the little beach town of Half Moon Bay. After popping in and out of stores we headed to the mountains to check out an art fair I had heard about.

The vendors were probably not thrilled about the damp weather but I found the fog in the woods to be incredibly magical.

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around foggy trees, ogling jewlery and questioning art. Of course even in a magical forest you get hungry, so we opted for the best cookie I have ever had!

The enormous cookie ended up being the only thing we purchased at the art fair but we certainly enjoyed our experience in the forest and I was exhausted from all of the walking. We headed home satisfied with the car’s first big road trip, smiling about our experience and proud of all of the walking I had accomplished in one day.

The weekend’s not over yet, so on to the next adventure!

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