Must Work Those Muscles

Since my recovery does not need prescription rehab I haven’t been in a real rush to go to PT. But yesterday I decided to set up a plan to get my muscles moving again and get back into shape. In addition to swimming I will now have a transitional trainer that will work with my handicaps and limitations in order to get me back into athletic shape.

Let’s just say that my muscles weren’t thrilled to do clams and leg lifts but I know the stronger my muscles get the less impact my healing bones will have to deal with. So from now on evenings will be devoted to at home leg workouts and planks!

After my PT appointment I hit the pool for a bit to feel weightless and then my stomach called me home for dinner. When I got home I threw some Tofu Shiratake noodles in a bowl with a veggie burger and sauce.

Then it was time to give the cat her workout.

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