Kicking Butt

Yesterday was my first day of personal transitional training. I worked with a trainer at my physical therapists office doing specific strength training to build up my leg and glute muscles. She certainly kicked my butt for that full hour but it felt great! It was wonderful to move my body again, pushing it to its new limit and feeling the muscles burn.

And as simple as it is, it felt even better to put on my old workout/running clothes!

(Sorry for the blurry photo)

This was the first time in three months that I felt really normal – being in a gym with no crutches, moving my body in familiar ways and getting a good workout in.

I am excited to continue with these sessions that will fast-track my recovery 🙂

I was exhausted afterwards and I came home and collapsed, relaxing alongside this sleepy girl:

And when dinner rolled around I was in the mood for some good old matzoh ball soup! Thanks to a box and some spices this dinner was whipped up rather quickly and it was exactly what I needed to sooth my aching body.

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