A Sunny Day for Books

Yesterday was my first full hour at the gym. I biked for 45 minutes and then finished the hour with some planks, push ups and clam exercises.

While I might have been nice and sweaty on the bike, the entire time I was staring at the treadmills trying not to hop on one and join my fellow runners.

After the successful gym stop I enjoyed a fabulous meal in the sun complete with laughs, mimosas and good food.

Nothing better than walking off a big meal, especially when you are walking around the best book fair in the world! Every year the San Francisco Public Library sells books for $2 and I mean LOTS of BOOKS! Thousands of books are placed on tables in this giant warehouse and you could easily spend all day weaving in and out of titles.

This time I only walked away with 2 books but that’s only because I have shelves full from previous years. Time to get reading…

Do you love books? What is the last good book you read?

One thought on “A Sunny Day for Books

  1. I love to read. Am reading An Amish Book “A Home for Lydia” by Vannetta Chapman. I am reading it early so I can give a review for Vannetta. It is GREAT. Will be posting a review soon.


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