A Good Evening

Last night I had no desire to workout but I still found myself driving to the pool and I ended up actually having a really good swim!

It was one of those things where you dread doing it and know that it would just be easier to avoid altogether, but I was really glad I went and I felt so much better after a good exercise session.

Plus, not everyone has a chance to catch a good look at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge when they leave the pool.


When I got home I made some spaghetti squash with sautéed onions, mushrooms, soy crumbles, topped with salsa, almond cheese and avocado.

And the good evening ended with phone calls with the family 🙂

There was nothing out of the ordinary about the night, but it felt good to accomplish a workout, cook a warm meal and talk with my loved ones.

What did you do last night? 


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