WIAW – Time for a change

Yesterday morning started out well, like most mornings, with a meal of egg whites and one egg with veggies and salsa. But then as the day wears on and I am sitting at my desk I get antsy and start to snack before and after I eat my homemade lunch. When I do snack it’s normally on healthier items but the quantities are far from the single serving suggested. I used to not be so concerned because I needed the extra fuel to get me through my 7 and 8 mile runs, but now that I am recovering and my workouts are no where near as intense, I am not pleased with this extra calorie intake.

My body has naturally changed since the accident with the decrease in intensity when I exercise and my lack of running, but my eating habits have not helped the situation. I am not pleased with how my clothes are fitting at the moment and today is the day I am making a change. I am announcing my changes here so that I can hold myself accountable and track my progress.

So here it goes:

– I will eat 5 times a day: breakfast, portioned snack, lunch, portioned snack, dinner

– I am going to avoid sugar as much as possible (Definitely no candy or chocolate or cookies)

– I will not refill my snack bowl once I have finished my serving

– I will make sure that lunch and dinner contain some form of protein (fish, poultry, soy, quinoa)

I just want to control my snacking and I know that if I follow these guidelines I will feel better about myself.

How do you control snacking?

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