Missing Running

Today I woke up really missing going for a run. Since I have been sick these past couple of days I have not worked out and I truly feel that I have not had a good work out since before my accident when I could run.

I wish I could just wake up and roll out of bed into my gym clothes and simply step out the door and start my run. I miss running by the bay in the morning calm and having that quiet moment with just me and the city. Or even coming home from work and pounding the pavement to workout the frustrations of the day.

I miss everything about running and I am just taking this moment to be sad that I cannot do what I want right now.

And now I am moving past this silliness to remind myself that I can walk, bike and swim and that running is on the horizon. Some day, sooner or later, I will back on my feet like I used to be and this will be a memory.

Until then I will try to work harder when I workout in the ways that I am allowed to and prepare my body to be in the best shape it can be in for when I can run again.

Running gear, I will see you again soon…

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