Friday Finds

Well, to be honest I didn’t find them on Friday but I am sharing them with you today 😉

It is rare that I eat granola bars if I am not preparing for a long run or out snowboarding, but every once in a while at work I will need something to get me through the afternoon. And ever since I stopped eating luna bars because they hurt my stomach I have been searching for a replacement. Well, Trader Joe’s to the rescue! I recently found this delicious peanut butter flavored bar and it’s perfect for that 3pm slump in the work day.


Has anyone else tried these?

My other find is a great addition to any meal. I have heard of Garlic Gold many times but never seen it in stores until I happened upon it at my local natural food store.

I added these minced pieces of cooked garlic to my eggs that I made for dinner last night and they definitely enhanced the meal. I mean, who doesn’t like garlic!

I also found this website,

It’s very similar to pinterest so if you enjoy eye candy this website will just add to your procrastination. Glad I could help!

Any good finds recently?

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