Successful Saturday

I don’t know if it’s my new swim cap or just that I am getting better at swimming, but yesterday I managed to swim for 45 minutes straight, the second time in 3 days. Unlike running, which came naturally, swimming has been a bit of a chore and I have to consciously make an effort to stay in the the water and workout. But recently I have been able to comfortably exercise in the pool for a decent workout and I hope to continue on this path.

The one thing that really comes naturally to me is walking long distances and after my swim I decided to embark on my first long walk since the accident. I walked up and down major hills in San Fran and covered almost 4 miles 🙂 If felt great to walk for such a long time and walking around the city is my favorite way to explore new neighborhoods and really appreciate where I live.

To end the day I enjoyed a lovely dinner out

and then spent the rest of the evening resting my body with this girl.

What is one of your most recent exercise success stories?

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