WIAW – Forever Changed

Life will continue to surprise you all of the time. New opportunities will come your way, friends will come and go and accidents will happen. My accident happened on the last day of June and now my life is forever changed.

My recovery has been going very well and the check-in with my surgeon yesterday left me feeling pretty good physically. I can increase the intensity of the workouts I am able to do and I can continue walking around like normal, but I still have to refrain from running for a year and pilates is also out of the question until the end of next summer. I knew this information going into the doctor’s appointment, but I guess emotionally I hadn’t fully dealt with this major change in my life.

I will have a full recovery and I will run again, but it will take time and there will most likely be complications later in life. Yesterday all of this really sunk in, and while I am thrilled with how far I have come, I am not prepared to accept that I will not wake up tomorrow and be able to run without a care.

Running has been a major part of my life for a very long time and now I must find new outlets for exercise and adjust to my current limitations. Life is forever presenting new challenges to conquer and yesterday I was not ready emotionally to accept the truths of my new reality. After some tears and an evening embracing the loss of what I used to know, I reminded myself of all of the things I am able to still do and the goal of running hovering on the horizon.

It will be a long journey, but that’s what keeps life interesting and I will forever be stronger for it.

Now on to the food of the day:

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
It was an early day at work so to warm me up for the day I had a hot bowl of oatmeal

Between that bowl and dinner I had plenty of snacks throughout the day and when I finally made it home after work, the doctor (including the emotional breakdown) and the pool, I made a faux fried rice:

Onions, chicken sausage, rice and egg whites with some teriyaki sauce.

And that was my very busy, emotionally packed WIAW.

4 thoughts on “WIAW – Forever Changed

  1. Shank

    Hey lady! Three questions here from one of your biggest fans:

    What’s in that oatmeal?

    Why the egg whites in your fake fried rice?

    Is there any chance you get a you tube channel to show us how you prepare all this stuff? The photos look like something out of food network magazine.

    1. Haha, Hi!
      The oatmeal is actually an instant pack from Trader Joe’s with flax seed.
      Doesn’t fried rice have egg in it? I was just adding extra protein after a big swim. Plus I like eggs haha.
      Oy, video tape myself? haha well maybe I will talk about my preparation in more detail and show a few more pictures. Not sure I’m ready for the silver screen.
      Thanks as always for reading! See you when I’m home in November!

  2. jessielovestorun

    Hi hunnie

    I hadn’t read about your accident before, but I’m so glad you are okay and are healing. I know it’s hard, but patience is key. Your strength shines through, and you sound like the most beautiful person. Continue stay strong, and smiling. You’ll run again ❤

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