Sandy, Sandy, why, oh Sandy?

Yes, lyrics from Grease and as everyone knows, words applicable to the superstorm and it’s destructive path.

I might live in California but my family and home are in the eye of the storm in central New Jersey. I checked in every few hours yesterday and for a while things were calm, then the wind picked up and the electricity went out. Our house survived with no damage other than some large limbs strewn across our front yard from the old tree out front. I feel very lucky that my family and home have survived the storm and I hope that all of my friends and their families are safe with minimal damage to their homes.

Back here in San Francisco the weather couldn’t be more beautiful – it’s like a cruel joke.

Yesterday I spent all day in a dress!

(Yes I am wearing a scarf but it’s still San Francisco and the mornings are cool)

I know the storm is still rearing its destructive head and I wish everyone an easy and safe day in Sandy’s wake.

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