Temptation Island

(Well really Temptation Bay Area but that doesn’t have the same ring to it)

Candy is a weakness of mine – hard candies, anything with peanut butter or PB flavoring and even the occasional chocolate piece. Halloween brings these treats into view everywhere you turn: stores have bowls for patrons, the office has a candy jar, even the PT office has a glass container where you can see all of the candies calling your name.

These next few weeks I will have to enlist all of my will power to stop myself from reaching my hand into the candy jar multiple times a day. This is not an easy task as I can find a reason to reward myself with one piece of candy, and then follow lunch with a desert piece , and then ease a frustration with another, and then eat one with a smile, and well you get the point. There is always a way to find a piece of candy in your hand and then in your mouth.

It’s not about deprivation just about self control and moderation, which is hard to do when you know that butterscotch candy is a great reward for making it to Friday!

Happy candy eating everyone!

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