Friday Fings

It was a beautiful day Friday so I decided to throw on a dress and boots and embrace the warm fall weather.

It was still quite chilly in the morning so to warm up I mashed up a banana, mixed in some instant oats and sprinkled it with PB2.

It was a busy, long day and somehow I made it to the gym to bike for 45 minutes while listening to my favorite podcast – The Moth (anyone else out there a fan?).

Once I arrived home it was straight to the kitchen to cook up some eggs with onions, broccoli, mushrooms and brown rice, all topped with some asian dressing.

And the of course some cuddles

What were some of your Friday Fings that you did?

One thought on “Friday Fings

  1. dini ayudia

    Oh my God!

    Your kitty is so cute and seems so peace. I love kitties and yours looks like my kitten a couple years ago, now he just passed away 😦

    And I love your healthy meals. i love healthy food and love doing some sports too 😉

    Nice share 😉

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