Buns of steel

My PT workout sessions are all about strengthening my glutes, hamstrings and quads in order to support my hip and ultimately get back to running shape.

Everything I do can be augmented to be done at home or in any gym so I thought I would share some of the booty wealth with all of you.

I normally start with some low side steps back and forth across the room along with some lunges.

Bridges are also important, especially lifting one leg in the air so I isolate one glute at a time.

I also do a lot of balancing on one foot while raising the other:

Planks (side planks too) are very important for keeping my core strong and lifting one leg at a time makes it even harder!



Of course it helps to have a trainer telling me how long to hold each pose and to keep me working and pushing it the entire hour. But give some of these moves  a try and I am sure that your buns will feel the burn!

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