It’s finally Friday and I am so so so distracted. It has been an incredibly busy week, the news is constantly on my mind (close friends and family are over in Israel) and flying home for Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Time is moving so quickly and while it’s exciting to progress in my recovery and get closer and closer to seeing family and friends during the holidays, I want time to slow down once I am with the people I love. Right now I am preparing to head home to New Jersey but before I know it I will be back here in San Francisco.

But life is always on the move so you have make sure you try your best to be present for every moment. Even though my mind is racing I am going to make an effort to be in the moment and appreciate what I have, who I am with and what is going on. So I leave you with one moment today – sharing cuddles with the furry creature I live with:

Happy Friday – wishing everyone a safe and wonderful weekend!

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