I have come a long way from my first weeks in the pool. I no longer have to stop between every 50 yards, I have much stronger form and I can swim comfortably for 45 minutes. Of course I still wake up sore the next day depending on which stroke I focused on and it feels great to know that those aches are because I had a good workout.

I’m even more sore this morning because before I hit the pool I got a flu shot, and man those leave you in pain the next day! I wish I could wear a sticker that says, “be nice to me I feel like I was punched in the arm”.

I was wearing bright pants yesterday to distract myself from my aches and pains,


but too bad I don’t have a second pair to wear today.

I hope everyone has an ache-free Friday!

Do you love feeling sore after a great workout?

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