Sunday Soup

If you don’t live in the Bay Area you may not have heard that we had tons of rain, causing lots of flooding. The rain was amazingly loud and the wind was so strong. It’s hard to believe that I snapped this picture of the bright clear sky only hours after 3 days of rain.


Rain always calls for a warm meal so I started this veggie soup in the crockpot at the beginning of the day. I simply chopped up a whole bunch of veggies and tossed them in the pot with some broth, water and spices.

I used garlic, salt, pepper, curry and oregano.


I was not in love with the flavor and decided that it needed a sweet layer, so I grabbed some agave and voila! Soup I want to eat 🙂

I blended everything together with my immersion blender and topped it with some chives and crunchy garlic.


After sitting over night I’m sure the flavors blended even more, so leftovers are going to be yummy.

Then, in usual Sunday fashion, it was time to snuggle in with kitty.


I hope you all enjoyed your weekends, rain or shine!

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