Come a long way

Swimming has become a big part of my life since the accident. Beyond being a great cardio workout and an amazing way to tone every muscle, swimming is incredibly freeing. When I am in the water I can move my body as I wish with no fear of pain or injury. I can get my heart rate up without risking any impact to my hip and I am always satisfied with my workout when I am done.

When I first started I could barely do a few laps without getting winded and my form, well let’s just say none of the swim team coaches were begging me to join their team. It has been a slow process building arm muscle and practicing the strokes, but today I am a very confident swimmer.

In fact, last night one of the swim team coaches who has seen me swim since I had to be helped in the water off my crutches, complimented me when I got out of the pool. She mentioned how she had seen me since I first started in the water and that I have recovered really nicely! It felt great to hear that I have made significant progress from an outside party, especially about swimming.


In the big scheme of things it has only been 5 months since the accident, but in those months I have found the strength to walk, exercise and begin to feel like me again.

Thanks again for everyone’s continued support!

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