That Time I Voluntarily Swam in the Bay

This weekend was full of adventures starting with some long walks around the city and then, yup, a swim in the bay!

It might be December, but that did not stop me from suiting up in a wet suit, strapping on two swim caps and loading up on body glide. I have been working hard in the pool and when a friend asked me to join her in the bay I couldn’t deny myself a chance to be an official San Francisco resident.


I was prepared for the worst, but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the water I didn’t go into shock and my teeth never started chattering. It was certainly cold, but I felt comfortable enough to swim and even just stand around.

I probably swam for about half an hour for a total of a mile, with lots of stops to rest. I had walked a lot earlier in the day, but the cold, slight current and excitement of being in open water definitely brought on fatigue faster than in the pool.


It was quite an accomplishment to swim in the bay and I am excited to try it again in the coming weekends. My goal is to swim a farther distance without having to stop so often, but I will be happy if I can just stay in for half an hour like the first time.


It feels great to check off an item on my bucket list!

Have you every had a chance to swim in open water? 

Any tips?

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