It’s all in the balance

I have been progressing in PT every week or so, however last night I had reality handed to me on a bozu ball.

I was trying to do some balancing on my left side, focusing on my left glute and hamstrings, but no matter how hard I willed it my muscles would not cooperate. I was extremely wobbly and had to put my other foot down in order to not fall over, leaving me very frustrated.

When I did the same exercise on the right side I was struggling to stay straight, but I was still able to do the move without falling over or having to stop. Clearly my left side, while stronger than months ago, is still lacking strength in key muscles. It will simply take practice and additional strength training to build my balance on the left side. Here are some exercises I will share with you, because everyone needs a little balance in their lives.

hip extension

Hip Extension


One-Leg Squat


Squats on the Bozu

Give these workouts a try – did you fall over?

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