A Story

If you see me walking down the street you would never know that almost 6 months ago I had major surgery to repair my broken hip. I have no visible limp, you cannot see any signs of surgery and I have a smile on my face. Swimming on the other hand leaves me very exposed, physically and emotionally.

My scar travels down my leg and it is glaringly obvious that a 25 year old should not have this signature hip surgery mark. I am often approached by older swimmers inquiring about my scar and I have to say I am more than happy to tell them my story, because it is a story. I am not living in the days right after surgery and I said goodbye to crutches months ago. I have reached the point in my recovery when it has all become a story and that was all I focused on during the ordeal. I just wanted it to be a story where I reflect and say “remember when?” and now I can do that!

My recovery is still in progress and I am not allowed to run for another 6 months, but this too shall soon become another part of my story. I will be training for races again before I know it and this time away from the road, my Garmin and finish lines will just be something I remember and recount.


(This will be me again in 6 months!)

Have you gone through an accident, loss, ordeal, or troubling time, that you now comfortably discuss as just a chapter in your life?

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