I went to work

I decided to save some of my vacation days and head in to work for 2 days this week. Well, that was no easy task after so many days off.

I got up early with the cat as usual and took care of some emails.

Then I somehow convinced myself that it would be a good idea to head to the pool before work. Once I jumped in the water (mind you there were only 2 other swimmers the entire time I was there) I woke up and managed to enjoy my early morning workout.


Then it was off to work to open lots of emails and attend to tasks that don’t take a holiday.

Right around lunch I crashed. I was exhausted from my early swim and trying to use my brain again and I had to give into a caffeinated beverage. And while I do not get any pleasure out of drinking soda, I did reap the benefits of its energy enhancing side effect.


Good thing, because later in the day our fire alarm went off and I thankfully was alert enough to get out of the building just in time to see these guys pull up.


Luckily everything was all alright, but it made for an eventful day back at work.
I wonderful what surprises will show up today.

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