Ouf of the Club

…and I’m happy this day has come.

Today I said goodbye to my handicap parking pass.


It came in handy while I was on crutches, and it was even more useful when I started to walk on my own again and needed to be close to my destination. Today the pass expired and a smile was on my facing knowing that I no longer need to be part of the club that has to park closer to make life easier. I can walk on my own just like before, with no limp, with no hesitations and almost with a hop in my step.

So, so long handicap parking pass, I might look longingly at those painted blue handicap spaces, but I will be happy to pass them by for someone in need to use.

This momentous day called for a grand breakfast of eggs, so I mixed in some dijon mustard and enjoyed a luxurious dish of protein and spice.


Now I just have to remember that I can’t park in specially marked parking spaces anymore or I might be joining another club, the “I owe a large fine for not following the rules” club.

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