WIAW – eating go-to meals

I love going to the grocery store and shopping for fresh ingredients to use in new recipes. Even better is going to the farmer’s market on Sunday morning and buying right-off-the-farm veggies to cook up during the week.

Well this weekend I did have a chance to fill my reusable bags with beautifully fresh foods, however I did not have time to imagine creative recipes and had to default to some old favorites and easy go-to meals.

For lunch I enjoyed simple ground turkey and tomato sauce over zucchini shredded into spaghetti:


And even though the sun had set, for dinner I was craving some eggs, so I enjoyed another easy meal of eggs, avocado, salsa and almond cheese:


I am determined to come up with some new and exciting meals by the end of the week and seeing these sorry pictures of boring repeats inspires me even more to get creative in the kitchen.

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