Falling off the wagon and getting back on the horse

Between traveling for work for 10 days and having a fabulous visitor for the weekend my gym routine has been far from normal. Before the big NYC Toy Fair I was going to spin class twice a week, swimming twice a week and doing some strength training. Since I boarded the plane to the east coast two weeks ago I saw the gym 3 times and did a ton of walking, but no real cardio in sight.

Just as my workouts slipped away, so did my positive eating habits. It’s hard to eat balanced meals when you are on your feet all day at a trade show and have to eat out for every meal.

IMG_1377 IMG_1381

And even when entertaining friends for a long weekend, most meals are enjoyed at the pricey hands of others, of course the good company is always a welcomed addition 🙂


So, even though I miss having my clean hotel room prepared every day, the complimentary hot drinks in the lobby each morning and my best bud by my side, it felt good to get back into a routine yesterday.

However, the getting back into the routine part is not easy and I was struggling with each pedal stroke in my spin class last night. But I survived, I felt good afterwards and I was proud of myself for climbing back onto that horse, I mean spin bike.

How have you convinced yourself to get back into healthy habits after straying?

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