Taking it Back

On June 30, 2012 my life changed forever. In a freak, let’s prove the existence of physics running accident, I broke my left hip. After major surgery and months of recovery I am back in tip top shape. Other than a higher risk of arthritis and some weaker leg muscles that will slowly even out, I feel great.

Recently, I was given the ok from my doctors to return to impact sports, including running! I’ve known for over a week that it’s perfectly fine to move my body in that way, but after such a traumatic experience with my favorite activity I had to mull over my newly found freedom. Since the accident I haven’t even hopped on my left leg and now I am fully functioning and able to feel the pavement fly by under my feet.

But it’s not that simple. I had a major trauma to my left hip and increased impact means higher chances of arthritis, and no one wants that. So, I will have to strike a fine balance between my love of running and my desire to continue living pain free. This is the challenge that lies before me, but yesterday was simply the day I got to take back running!

In addition to my run, I did something else that I haven’t done in a while: Kayaking!


Just over the bridge in Marin I took advantage of the Cali sun and paddeled out on the water, enjoying the view and a few sea lion friends.

And after all of this activity I  was ready for an easy dinner –


I lightly microwaved a sweet potato, then cut medallions to line the bottom of a glass dish. I also sauteed some brussel sprouts and broccoli and mixed it together with two eggs and some egg whites and of course spices: garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, oregano. I poured this mixture into the dish and topped it with sesame seeds. I baked it at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.


I served this dish with arrugala and avocado and KETCHUP! Yum!


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