WIAW – Recipes

Time for some fun food!

Healthy guacamole, woman peas! Yup, I made it with peas!IMG_1604I used 3 very ripe avocados and half a bag of frozen peas (that I defrosted first). I hand blended the avocados and peas together, but I like my guac chunky so I didn’t blend it until it was smooth. Then I added in chopped red pepper, onion and cilantro. I mixed in some garlic powder and lime and then it was munchin’ time.

Waking up with the spring sun has inspired many a morning full of smoothies including, a refreshing strawberry banana smoothie.IMG_1609One banana blended with a handful of frozen strawberries, plus some almond milk and chia seeds. That simple. Blend together and finish with a straw – the only way to drink a smoothie in the morning 🙂

Chicken dinner – easy but delicious and satisfying after a long day at work followed by a workout. I tossed some chicken breasts in the oven with Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce and sautéed some broccoli and brussel sprouts with garlic and oregano. I added all of those components to a large bowl with rice and topped it all off with some dipping ketchup. Quite a filling meal.  IMG_1618And that’s it for what I ate Wednesday!

What have you been eating lately?

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