Taco Night

Spicy salsa, crunchy shells and velvet guacamole – sounds like a typical taco night.

However, here in Israel taco nights are few and far between, replaced with Mediterranean flavors and lots of fried chickpeas (aka Falafel).

Over the weekend, the itch for Mexican flavors was satisfied with a homemade spread of dips, chips and tacos.

photo (62)

I seasoned some chicken with grilling spices, sauteed some onions and peppers, and steamed up a batch of rice.

Of course, no taco night is complete without a giant bowl of guacamole.

I used my recipe of half avocados and half peas (you can’t even taste them), but here in Israel we have avocados with thin skins that make it very difficult to separate. However, I discovered this simple solution and my life has forever been changed.


Ta Da!


Using a peeler I was able to slice away the skin without wasting a smidge of precious avocado!

Now that I know this nifty trick I might be making guacamole more often than just for taco night.

Let me know if you try this method. It might just change your life too!

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