Orientation By The Sea

Today was really the start of it all. While Dave is busy learning how to be a doctor I wanted to make sure I wasn’t struggling on my own to find a job, so I signed up for an Israel sponsored internship program, Israel Way. The program provides hebrew classes, cultural experiences and 5 months of interning at a high-tech start up.

I started the day with an hour home yoga session thanks to YogaGlo (next on my list is to find a yoga studio near me) and then made myself a delicious egg breakfast:


1 egg, 2 egg whites, Israeli ketchup, roasted sweet peppers, hummus and eggplant salad (just typing this out now makes me excited for breakfast tomorrow).

Most of the internship program participants live together in dorm-like accommodations, so I met them at their building to start our afternoon of getting to know each other. It’s hard to complain when your ice breaker activities take place by the Mediterranean.


I’m excited to explore the country, acquire a second language and hopefully secure a job through this program. So we will see how these few months progress and don’t worry, I will keep tabs on it all on here.

Once I left the group for the evening I made my first solo trip to the market and returned home victorious with dinner ingredients in hand.


Tomorrow the program has a full day of walking and exploring the city on the agenda – can’t wait to show pics from the journey 🙂

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