We had a long day of walking throughout the city, visiting different neighborhoods and historic sites. And as much as I hate being herded in a large group with a tourist sign flashing above my head, it was wonderful to learn more facts about Tel Aviv and be guided through this young city. IMG_1910The Habima National Theater


This was exactly how I felt around 3:30 when we were freed from the tour and I was able to rest my weary body riding the waves of the bus as it sailed back across the city.

Once I arrived home I truly had no interest in walking the few feet out of my front door to pick up some ingredients for dinner, so the lovely (and might I add, sick) fiance volunteered to round up some food.


Home cooked salmon over market rice and greens was the perfect way to end the long day of foot travel. I personally love lightly dressing the salmon with olive oil, lemon, pepper and salt and cooking it in the oven. And even better, we have plenty of left overs!

Tomorrow will be spent in the classroom doing workshops to prepare for our internships. And while I welcome the break, I will miss that feeling of satisfied exhaustion that comes with a day well spent on your feet. One of my absolute favorite things to do is take long walks around a new city, so I will treat tomorrow like a rest day until the following day where I can wander the streets and devour the sites of Tel Aviv.


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