I hope I didn’t scare you. I know I haven’t written in a long time so I hope my presence back on my blog isn’t too startling. Life’s been busy in this part of the world. Not only have I been writing blog posts all day for the start up I currently work for (if you like money check it out, but I have also been helping acclimate our lovely kitty to her new home here in Israel, enjoying times with my new friends, and indulging in a little globe trotting.

Professional blogging is going well, but I must admit that it’s hard to write all day long and then come home and continue spending time in front of a computer screen. But, I love writing and keeping you guys posted about my life here in Tel Aviv, so I will continue to faithfully post on

So here goes the update…

Dave’s parents brought our cat Nubbins from the states after the final travel paperwork went through. It was a wonderful reunion and we are once again a very happy family. She even seems a little too comfortable, stealing the best seat in the house!


I also had some time to take a quick getaway to London where I met my mom from the States to spend a long girly weekend together. We treated ourselves to shows, plenty of walking and even a little pampering (see below: new haircut). We had a fabulous time and I can’t wait to have more adventures with my mom in any country that can handle the two of us 😉

IMG_2112 IMG_2109 IMG_2102 IMG_2100

Of course I made it back to Israel just in time to celebrate a VERY American Halloween in a sea full of Israeli’s who were very confused. Can you guess who I am?


Overall, life feels very normal, which is completely wonderful and just lovely. In comparison to last year, where there never seemed to be a truly comfortable “normal” day, daily life here is simply pleasant. Of course there are adventures to other countries, trips throughout Israel and friendly visitors that elevate the everyday with a sprinkle of excitement, but most of the time life is full of breakfasts, work, time on the couch, minutes on the treadmill and sleeping next to the man I love, and that’s pretty damn good.

On the horizon, I will be journeying to the Israeli desert, celebrating my first Thanksgiving away from my family and experiencing Channuka in Israel . Here goes nothing…

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