You’ve Got Mail

Sometimes you live in a far away land.

Sometimes you enjoy living in said far away land, but also miss your loved ones.

And, sometimes you enjoy living in said far away land and simply ache for some Ziploc bags.

That’s where the loved ones come in.

My dear family put together a care package of American goodies not available in Israel such as, Justin’s almond butter and Trader Joe’s trail mix (both essential to daily living).

The package was sent well before the holidays, but it took some time to get through customs, and last week we were notified it was finally available for pick up at the post office.

I put on my running shoes, grabbed the package slip and was off on a four and half mile odyssey to collect my prize.

Once securely in my possession I proudly carried the enormous package on the bus back to my apartment, where not even one minute went by before I ripped open the packing tape.

Of course we documented the joyous occasion…

box 1

Let’s just say I never thought I would be so excited to see packaged food with ingredients written in English.


And because Ziplocs are only sold on the black market here, I had to have my own supply shipped in.

box 3

Plus, it’s never too late for a Chanukah gift, even if it is only half wrapped.

box 4

And Dave, of course, also received some well deserved chocolate and love from abroad.


Thanks again family for the amazing gifts, thoughtful treats and extra love sent in the mail. We miss you!

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