By the way, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Oh wait…am I a little late? Must be the time difference here in Israel, it tends to throw me off. Or more likely, it’s just the fact that life has gotten ahead of me already in 2014. In all of my math and science classes over the years my teachers failed to mention the fact that time gets exponentially faster every year you get older. I took a moment to flip through my photos and couldn’t believe how many things happened in the span of one year. In 2013… I completed rehabilitation from my broken hip accident in the Summer of 2012 and started running again (slowly)!


I spent weekends working as a day-of coordinator for weddings IMG_1641 I saw my sister graduate college 🙂 Yay Avery!


I went to Chicago to visit one of my best friends IMG_1819 I got ENGAGED!


I moved to Israel (yea that was a big one)


I traveled to Budapest


I enjoyed a long-weekend with my mom in London


And I enjoyed many adventures with friends and family

IMG_0567 IMG_2189 IMG_2224


Bedouin tent dinner - YUM! Already this year I have grown into my role as a pet parent, tending to our very ill (now completely healthy) cat.


And I’m learning the ropes of living in another country.

Fruit Stand

It’s only been the first few weeks of the new year and already I feel like 2014 is an old friend.

Happy belated New Year

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