Jordan’s Day

No, it’s not my birthday.

But, today was a day devoted to simply doing things I enjoy.

For the first time in a long time I had a day completely to myself where I wasn’t working and responsibilities were shrugged to the side.

To begin with, I went for a long walk to the outdoor market to purchase ingredients for dinner.

Sneak peak at dinner… IMG_2314 Along the way I picked up a few art supplies to finally decorate our incredibly bare walls.

– A few blank canvases

– Blue, black and gold acrylic paint

– Paintbrushes

Combine all of the above with some free hours and music and you end up with some inexpensive wall accessories. IMG_2311 IMG_2312Satisfied with my work, I treated myself to hunting the beach for sea glass using the sun as my searchlight. IMG_2310 And, while it might have been more relaxing to order in some pre-made food, it is always much more satisfying to cook up an experimental gluten-free pizza while video chatting with your best friend (Check her out here and here)

gluten pizza

I used the following recipe (minus the yeast), and well, as you can see, somehow my pictures don’t look like hers. This could be called a “Pinterest fail” (where the amateur’s final product fails in comparison to the original creator’s picture), but it was mighty tasty.


And then, there’s nothing better than ending the day with some snuggles!


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