Long Distance

Raise your hand if you have been in a romantic relationship.

Raise your hand if that romantic relationship was a long distance relationship or at some point turned into a long distance relationship.

Raise your hand if you have stayed in this relationship long distance on and off over the past 8 years.

Well, I am definitely sitting here with my hand raised. Somehow time has flown by and for eight years my husband to be and myself have continued our loving relationship long distance from Australia to the US, Boston to San Francisco, the US to Israel and now New Jersey to California.

There is a light at the end of this long distance tunnel, and this time next year we will be living together again and settled. However, being apart is never easy and there is no one formula that works for everyone.

All I can say is that when you are living far apart from your partner, the times that you do get to spend together can be pretty magical. Just this past weekend I visited Dave out in San Francisco (where we used to live together for a few years), and we could not have asked for a better weekend together.

When you are separated for whatever circumstances, once you get to reunite it’s almost as if the rest of the world stops and all that matters is the two of you. Ok, so I probably stole that feeling/image from a million romantic comedies, but it’s a perfect description for what happens when you are reunited.

Just look at the smile on my face and you can tell.


For all of you long distance lovers out there throughout the globe I wish you the best of luck as a you continue your relationships. Whenever it gets rough just hold onto those magical moments together and send your partner some love.

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