Timing Matters

What time do you prefer to get your sweat on?

I love starting my day with a yoga practice. I feel refreshed, awake, and ready to take on the rest of the day.

However, there are those days where a 6pm or 7pm practice is exactly what my body needs. I find that my muscles are much more open and I have plenty more energy to work off to fuel my fluid practice.

Yet, if I practice later in the day I run the risk of a running into the after work crowd, which means more bodies in the room and more elbows in my face.

Would you rather lose an hour of sleep to get to the studio/gym early or take the risk later in the day?


2 thoughts on “Timing Matters

  1. I don’t practice yoga but I prefer morning workouts! It is too easy to skip it at the end of a busy day when I’m feeling tired. I love to get it out of the way and checked off my list in the morning then feel strong, accomplished, and a bit sore throughout the rest of the day 🙂

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