Still Going Strong

Today marks the official last day of the cleanse that I started on January 1st. I was traveling in San Francisco over the past weekend so I wasn’t able to transition into a vegan raw food diet for the last week, but I have still kept flour, sugar and animal products out of my diet.

I’m drinking lots more juices and smoothies, and eating a lot more green vegetables. I am really enjoying how I feel and I am going to see how long I can keep this up.

I am not craving sweets as much as I thought I would and I don’t miss fish or poultry either.

The other day we went out to lunch at a Japanese restaurant and I was happy to enjoy these veggie rolls complete with delicious purple rice.


The cleanse was designed as a way to introduce healthier habits into every day life and I think I have truly embodied the spirit of the cleanse.


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