Snow Day – Day 2

This morning we awoke to the aftermath of the blizzard: blue skies, bright sun and pristine white snow.

Not my backyard – just some chairs lounging in the snow on Princeton University’s campus

The day started with another round of shoveling. But not before a delicious smoothie to fuel me for the morning.


The studio was closed yesterday but we were able to open for one class this afternoon. Despite all of the shoveling, I was still determined to get my aching body to a yoga class to stretch it out.

Found a friend on the way to yoga

After a day full of exercise I cooked up a quick meal of rice and veggies with an almond butter sauce (almond butter, water, onion powder, agave).


Now it’s time to lounge a bit on the couch before waking up to teach a very early Ashtanga class.

See you there early birds!

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