Trusting Your Gut

I consistently say throughout my classes that students should be listening to their bodies and not pushing past their limits.

Tonight I trusted my gut feeling and listened to my body just in time.

It has been a long day of teaching, starting early in the morning and again mid-day, as well as taking care of the family dog with long walks and feedings. By the time the 6pm yoga class that I normally take rolled around I was exhausted and my stomach was feeling a bit queasy. But, I went to the studio anyway to check people and started taking the class along with the other 30 some-odd people.

45 minutes into the class and I knew that my body was trying to tell me to tap out and head home. And while I tried to push through the uneasy feeling in my belly, I simply had to give in and trust that my body knew what was best for me.

After making it home to a hot shower and a simple bowl of rice pasta I am starting to feel better.


It’s not always easy to listen to your body. Most of the time we are inclined to push through any pain or discomfort, ignoring our body’s warning signs and putting ourselves in danger.

But tonight I am glad I listened and honored my body. There will always be another yoga class to take once I’ve rested up.

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