Moving Meditation

If you go to enough yoga classes you will eventually hear the phrase, “combine your movement with your breath. Think of it as a moving meditation”. Or something along those lines.

There are moments in my personal practice where I do feel I achieve this meditative state through my asanas, but it’s a rare occasion.

On the other hand, when I go for a walk I find that my mind almost always becomes clear and calm and I truly embody the concept of a moving meditation.

I love to walk and prefer it to any other form of transportation. Many times I talk on the phone or listen to a podcast, but the times where I unplug from my phone I find I am truly at peace.

Even on a chilly night like tonight, when I longed to be under a blanket watching tv, walking the dog as the sun set was a magical time.

I hope all of you can find that peaceful time in your day to give your mind a rest. Take some time and go for a walk, sit quietly or practice yoga.

Let me know what you do to find some peace.

One thought on “Moving Meditation

  1. insung

    i, too, find myself at peace the most when walking around town, the towpath, my walking routines. beautiful sunsets like we have ben having lately is the best–feel so grateful. yoga is also great, but depending on who is next to me, i sometimes find myself getting frustrated(ikr, so un-yogi). solitary walks and savasana after a good practice are the best for meditation … namaste, jordan.

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