Step 1 — entering the blogging world




I’m not quite sure how to start this off but I have decided to dabble in the state of the art communication and sharing phenomenon that is blogging. I read about 10-15 healthy living blogs daily and I soon found myself thinking out loud in my head as if my own life was a blog: what headings I would use to describe my day, what photo I would display to brag about my extreme life as a non-profit professional (not), even the punctuation I would use so my followers would read my post with the correct inflection.

So here I go…

I was once introduced to someone alongside a friend. My friend was described to this new acquaintance as a VERY talented actress (which she is) and then I was introduced as the friend that has nice clothes. While this might be a true statement, I have much more to offer than my closet and I am prepared to share all I have to offer with you.

Happy New Year!!

Bring it on 2012 🙂

9 thoughts on “Step 1 — entering the blogging world

  1. Running in Mommyland

    Welcome! Can’t wait to read your writing, but make sure to share some info about the good clothes too! I love health and clothes blogs, especially when they are combined!!!!

  2. That Actress Girl

    I do miss your closet… but I miss your face first. You’re an amazing best friend — that’s how I introduce you to people. 🙂 Found an almond in my pocket on Friday. Reminded me of you. Then I remembered that James dropped it on the floor at the library and I told him not to eat it.


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