Only 364 more of these this year

The first day of 2012! It couldn’t have been a more prefect day to spend the afternoon at Baker Beach – a gem of San Francisco.

After a wonderfully tame new year’s eve potluck dinner at our friends’ apartment, my boyfriend Dave and I woke up ready to take on the new year. This meant enjoying the comfort of our couch for the better part of the morning, but then we seized the day and had lunch with the best view in town. While munching on goodies we enjoyed the never ending entertainment of galavanting dogs and waddling children.



After soaking in the sun we made our way back home for a P90X inspired workout. I have runners knee 😦 so for the past month I have been dealing with the fact that I cannot hit the pavement. I have recently found out that spinning does not bother my knee so I have been mixing biking with workouts tailored by my ex-gymnest boyfriend. As much as I would prefer running over pedaling, I am happy to be getting some good cardio workouts in and building some overall strength. We focused on arms using resistance bands and I know I am going to be feeling it tomorrow 🙂

I would call day one of 2012 a success! What did you do to celebrate January 1st?

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