Hello old friends

Due to runners knee I have not been out for a run in almost 6 weeks! This is the longest I have ever gone without running, EVER, and on vacation I decided it was time to see if I could jog a bit. I went down to the treadmill in the hotel and started a light run that weeks ago would have left me in great pain after less than a quarter of a mile, but I was able to run a mile and a half! I could have run longer but I didn’t want to push it for my first time back on my feet. It felt amazing, exhilarating and relieving to know that I am no longer banned from my passion.

Last night I put on my good old running buddies, my garmin, my road ID and my Brooks and ran down by the water towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Not a bad view if I might add. And I comfortably ran 4 miles 🙂

Then I came home to make a quick but delicious dinner of chicken and veggies.

BREAKING NEWS – ATTENTION PEANUT BUTTER LOVERS: I am not the kind of person who will sit down for a bowl of cereal in the morning for breakfast. However, I will snack on dry cereal throughout the day until an entire box of puffins are gone. So in the interest of avoiding serial stomach aches I rarely stock a cereal box in my pantry. But when I saw this I couldn’t resist.

Obviously I would rather be eating a whole jar of peanut butter but nibbling on these might be safer for my waist line 😉 Almondjay approved!

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