injuries and introspection

As I have mentioned before, this blog was supposed to track my healthy living habits, surrounding running and half marathon training. Since the creation of Almondjay I have unfortunately experienced my first serious injuries as a runner: runners knee and an SI joint issue. Both injuries have left me sidelined from running for a total of 3 months (the longest I have ever not run since middle school). It has not been an easy journey with either injury but I have learned a lot about myself.

Hiking in early January, complete with my brace for my runner's knee.

I suffered a lot during the months with my runner’s knee because I had never experienced an injury that kept me from what I loved doing. Without running every day I wasn’t sure what to do with myself and basically collapsed in self pity every afternoon. Towards the end of my injury I slapped myself in the face and got my act together. With the help of my ex-gymnast boyfriend I started to work in some ab and arm workouts on the days that I was not carefully spinning.

Soon enough I was back on my feet and out the door running 5-7 miles with a new running form. Utilizing the mid-foot strike instead of my old heel strike I was able to run without any pain in my right knee.

Ready for a run.

But then, on a random day on the treadmill, after 3 miles I felt an odd pain in my glute and had to stop. Eventually this pain travelled to my back and groin and left me immobile for a few days. This time around with my SI joint injury I was quite positive and got myself to the doctor, saw a physical therapist and threw myself into pilates to strengthen everything!

I am now in love with pilates and already starting to run a few blocks with no pain. Everyday is different but I know that I am getting better, and before I know it I will be running miles and miles. Taking this time away from running has allowed me to focus on my overall strength and has helped me listen to my body. I know that with all of the strength training I have been forced into (that I now enjoy) will make me a better runner and an overall better athlete. There are still moments when it is hard to remember that this injury is just a blip in time, but for now I can only help myself by stretching, strengthening and waiting patiently.

For all of my faithful readers, those who have experienced injuries or have been fortunate enough to never have had one, please take a look at the following links to keep you healthy and pain free.

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And then, just because it’s Friday…

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